Another Super Mario Bros. Wii
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Producer Skawo
Genre Platformer
Release December 5th, 2010
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii
Nintendo Wii U
PC (emulators)
Players 1-4
Controllers Wii Remote (Horizontal)
Wii Remote and Nunchuck
Another Super Mario Bros. Wii is a simple mod created by Skawo and released in December 2010 which includes a full set of new levels with the same themes as the original game.
~ The official Newer website.

Another Super Mario Bros. Wii is a ROM mod of New Super Mario Bros. Wii created solely by Skawo, which is a simple level mod with some extra tweaks. Each of the eight worlds' themes and maps stayed the same, while the levels were remade using the same themes.

Another Super Mario Bros. Wii is not considered part of the Newer Super Mario Bros. series, however it is advertised as a Newer special due to the fact that a Newer Team member created the mod.


Mario, Luigi, Yellow Toad, Blue Toad, and Princess Peach were all celebrating Princess Peach's birthday at her castle. After a mysterious cake is delivered, Bowser Jr. and the seven Koopalings jump out and kidnap Princess Peach once again! Mario and co. of course go to save her, which causes some Toads to shoot Propeller Mushrooms and Penguin Suits across the Mushroom Kingdom to aid them.


World Preview Description
World 1
World 1-1A.png
A semi-peaceful plains with several varying level themes.
World 2
Screenshot (237).png
This scorching desert is sure to give the Mario bros. a challenge!
World 3
Screenshot (238).png
A chilly snow-filled terrain with many obstacles that Mario must pass.
World 4
Screenshot (239).png
The tropics of the Mushroom Kingdom are still as harsh!
World 5
Screenshot (240).png
A mind-bending jungle full of Wigglers and Poisonous Water.
World 6
Screenshot (241).png
The great mountains high in the sky will provide a nice fight against Mario and friends!
World 7
Screenshot (242).png
The skies set above the Mushroom Kingdom will hustle our protagonists 'till the end!
World 8
Screenshot (243).png
Bowser's very own lair, a fiery, lava-y, hot mess which will surely triumph the player.
World 9
Screenshot (244).png
A secret World where challenges are met and obstacles are cleared.



Yellow Toad.png
Blue Toad.png
Yellow Toad
Blue Toad


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Princess Peach


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