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Balloon Boo
Game(s) Newer Super Mario Bros. DS
First appearance (DS) The House of Blocks
Final appearance (DS) The House of Bogus
Related enemies Boo

Balloon Boos are uncommon enemies found throughout Newer Super Mario Bros. DS. They're Boo-like ghosts which mainly appear within Ghost Houses.


Balloon Boos are spherical white ghosts akin to Boos with small stubby arms and a stubby tail. They have a perpetually uncomfortable expression on their pink-cheeked faces.

Balloon Boos are usually quite large in size compared to the player due to all of the air they store in their bodies. This large stature can quickly fade away once they chase the player, which decreases their size greatly as they use the air in their bodies to thrust themselves forward.


Active Balloon Boos will start large, floating in place as long as the player looks in their direction. Once the player turns around, however, they will begin to give chase, slowly decreasing in size until they're about the size of two tiles, akin to a player in their Super form. They will continue to chase, even at their smallest size, until the player once again faces their direction, to which they will stop and slowly breathe in the air they lost, increasing in size until they grow back to their default.

Inactive Balloon Boos will forever stay large, motionlessly floating in place. These Balloon Boos act more so as obstacles for the player to work around than actual enemies.

Contact with a Balloon Boo damages the player if they do not have a Super Star or Mega Mushroom equipped, which are both the only ways to defeat them. Fireballs from a Fire Flower and hammers from a Hammer Suit thus prove ineffective against Balloon Boos.