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Batallion Frontier
Game Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii
Level number 8-1
Time 500
World Koopa Planet
Level type Tank, Autoscrolling
Enemies Mechakoopas
Rocky Wrenches
Game Progression
Previous level (7-Airship2.png) Spaceship Koopa
Next level (8-2) Jet Airship

Batallion Frontier (or World 8-1) is the first level of Koopa Planet in Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii. It's a dangerous tank level full of Rocky Wrenches where poison clouds emit from exhaust pipes.

Batallion Frontier is unlocked by completing Spaceship Koopa in Starry Skies. Completing it will unlock Jet Airship.


Star Coins

  • Star Coin 1: Once on the tank with the #1 next to a Bowser symbol, either bounce off the Rocky Wrench, a cannonball or use a Propeller Suit to reach it.
  • Star Coin 2: After the Checkpoint, use the cannonballs or a Propeller Suit to reach it.
  • Star Coin 3: At the end of the level, before taking the cannon to the airship, drop down and you will find the Star Coin.

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  • Batallion Frontier's name is misspelled, as the word battalion is written with two L's and one T.
  • This level's musical theme comes from the Bowser's Road theme from Super Mario 64, with the first five seconds cut off.