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Big Buzzy Beetle
Game(s) Newer Super Mario Bros. DS
First appearance (DS) Gigantic Gardens
Final appearance (DS) Gigantic Gardens
Related enemies Buzzy Beetle
Mega Beetle

Big Buzzy Beetles are rare enemies found only within Newer Super Mario Bros. DS. They are larger versions of the Buzzy Beetle only found within Gigantic Gardens in Cirrus Heavens.


Big Buzzy Beetles appear identically to Buzzy Beetles aside from their size. They are quadrupedal yellow-skinned turtles with two beady red eyes. They wear large shiny dark blue shells with thick white rims and a beige bottom.


Big Buzzy Beetles behave almost identically to Buzzy Beetles. They will slowly walk left and right, falling off ledges and turning at walls. When jumped on by the player, they will revert into their shell for some time before reemerging. In their shell, the player can kick them to send the Big Buzzy Beetle quickly spinning in one direction. While spinning, Big Buzzy Beetles will have the ability to destroy Brick Blocks (without being spun in the other direction at each Brick Block destroyed), to collect coins and Star Coins, and to defeat other enemies. If the player jumps on the Big Buzzy Beetle while its spinning, it will stop and act as if it were normally jumped on. If a spinning Big Buzzy Beetle runs into another spinning Big Buzzy Beetle, both of them enemies will become defeated.

Buzzy Beetles are immune to fireballs from a Fire Flower and hammers from a Hammer Suit. They can be defeated by contact with a player under the effects of a Super Star or Mega Mushroom.