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Bomb Spike
Game(s) Newer Super Mario Bros. DS
First appearance (DS) Boomblast Badlands
Final appearance (DS) Boomblast Badlands
Related enemies Bob-omb
Snow Spike

Bomb Spikes are variants of the Spike, appearing only in one level of Newer Super Mario Bros. DS, Boomblast Badlands. Their model is a reskin of the Snow Spike.


As stated before, Bomb Spikes are reskins are the Snow Spikes. These new reskins have a red body with a white underbelly, along with black feet, hands, head and lips. Bomb Spikes have a black and gold shell along with some gold goggles with a shine and brown straps.


Bomb Spikes act like Snow Spikes, except they throw Bob-ombs instead of snowballs. Bomb Spikes will stay in place, throwing the Bob-ombs in the player's direction. These bob-ombs will detonate shortly after, so throwing them back is unadvised. Bomb Spikes can be killed by almost everything.