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Bombshell Bridge
Game Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii
Level number E-1
Time 700
World Bombard Cliffs
Level type Athletic, Autoscrolling
Enemies Bob-ombs
Bullet Bills
Koopa Troopas (G & R)
Game Progression
Previous level (6-8) Buried Boneyard
Next level (E-2) Fallout Footbridge

Bombshell Bridge (or World E-1) is the first level of Bombard Cliffs in Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii. It is an athletic autoscrolling level full of Bob-ombs, Bullet Bills, and Switchbacks.

Bombshell Bridge is unlocked by completing Buried Boneyard in Pumpkin Boneyard. Completing it will unlock Fallout Footbridge.


Star Coins

  • Star Coin 1: In the section with the first few switchbacks is the Star Coin located on the smallest switchback lift. Use the switchback lifts to reach the Star Coin.
  • Star Coin 2: After the section with the Bullet Bill Launchers, use a Bob-omb to destroy the blocks blocking access to it. Once you grab the Star Coin, the second stack of blocks will destroy themselves.
  • Star Coin 3: After the section with the Red Ring, use the four switchbacks to reach the Star Coin.


Developer gameplay (0:22 to 3:02)


Name Music Origin Area played
Cliffs Athletic theme from New Super Mario Bros. Entire level