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Burnblaze Tower
Game Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii
Level number 3-Towernsmbw.png
Time 750
World Mushroom Peaks
Level type Tower
Enemies Dry Bones
Boss Ricky Wrench
Game Progression
Previous level (3-2) Grimymole Mine
(3-4) Wobbleshroom Bluffs
Next level (3-5) Fungi Pit
(3-6) Bubble Basin
(3-Challengicon.png) Challenge House C

Burnblaze Tower (or World 3-Towernsmbw.png) is the tower and the fifth level of Mushroom Peaks in Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii. It's a Burner- and Fire Bar-filled tower full of Dry Bones. Ricky Wrench is fought at its top.

Burnblaze Tower is unlocked by completing Grimymole Mine or Wobbleshroom Bluffs. Completing it will unlock Fungi Pit, Bubble Basin, and Challenge House C.


Mario and company have to climb to the top of the tower. The first section has fire bars and burners. The way can be revealed if the gang hits the golden Event Switches.

In the second section, spikes come from below, so the gang has to move side to side on the lift. There are also Rocket Engines that can cause burn damage, clinging to solid blocks that will constantly move up. Eventually, the pipe that leads forward will come to the lift. Take that and head to the boss door.

Boss battle

Ricky Wrench will dig into the sand, and pop up somewhere else, after coming up, he will throw wrenches in Mario's direction. Ricky cannot throw his wrenches backward. To hit him, you must ground pound Ricky Wrench's manhole covered head, causing him to retreat back underground. After every hit, Ricky Wrench will come up from the sand on the pillar in the battlefield's center, with a large spike on his manhole head. Do not try to hit his head when he has a spike on his head. Afterwards he will go back underground. Repeat this twice, and on the third hit he will be defeated.

Star Coins

  • Star Coin 1: Immediately before the checkpoint flag, in plain sight in a corner. To obtain it, one must either get a running start, wall jumping off the wall beside it or use a Propeller Suit.
  • Star Coin 2: During the descending lift ride in plain sight between two sets of spikes. The player must obtain it carefully by timing their run.
  • Star Coin 3: In the middle of the the descending lift ride will be a Warp Pipe to the left leading to a small detour with the third and final Star Coin leading to the Boss Door.



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