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Alternate levels, also known as secret levels or optional levels, are special levels that are marked with a letter instead of a number (example: World 1-A). They are usually found upon finding secret exits, though they can also be bought at Star Coin Signs in Newer Super Mario Bros. DS. Some alternative levels can also be unlocked via normal exits, with some of these being mandatory for completion, going against their optional demeanor.

In Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii, each world has one to no alternate levels within them—while in Newer Super Mario Bros. DS, each world has one to three alternate levels within them (if one is counting Magmatrack Getaway as an alternate level. Read below to find out more).

Not all alternate levels as they seem, however. Magmatrack Getaway from Newer Super Mario Bros. DS is labeled as World 8-A, but not only is it unlocked via a normal exit—it's also mandatory for completion of the game. Completing it is the only way to reach Bowser's Castle. The only reason why it is labeled this way is because code for a "9th level" does not exist within the original New Super Mario Bros., so A was used instead.

List of alternate levels

Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii

Rubble Ruins/Soggy Sewers

Sakura Village

Freezeflame Glacier/Volcano

Pumpkin Boneyard

Koopa Planet/Core

Goldwood Forest

Crystal Caves

Newer: Falling Leaf

Newer Super Mario Bros. DS

Goldleaf Plains

Crystal Sewers

Dorrie's Island

Pumpkin Boneyard

Moonview Glacier

Lunar Realm

Cirrus Heavens

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