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Levels (also known as stages or courses) are enemy and obstacle-filled romps where Mario and co. must run, jump and crouch to reach a Goal Pole. Each level is set in a specific world, which determines its theme and difficulty. Upon completing a level, it usually unlocks either another level or some sort of special building.

In Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii and Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii Plus, there are 128 total levels spanning 14 worlds, along with a few unused levels. Meanwhile, in Newer Super Mario Bros. DS, there are a total of 80 levels spanning 8 worlds.

List of Levels

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Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii

Level number Level name Preview Description
1-1 Palm Beach Palm Beach (1-1).jpg A beach level where Yoshi is first encountered.
1-2 Yoshi Woods Yoshi woods.jpg A forest filled with enemies, segueing into a small cave.
1-3 Springwater Swamp Springwater Swamp.jpg A deep, dark and flooded forest with lots of life in its waters. Watch out for Wigglers!
1-4 Growing Greenwood Growing greenwood.png A poisonous lakefront by the southern shore of Yoshi's Island.
1-Towernsmbw.png Timber Tower Timber tower.png A tower disguised as a tree, with many Koopa Troopas inside. King Fuzzy is fought at the top, and Kamek is seen for the first time.
1-5 Fuzzy Canyon Fuzzy canyon.png A bridge where Fuzzies roam on track, and platforms must be used to cross.
1-6 Rainshed Pond Maxresdefault (14).jpg A giant pool of rainwater. Goldwood Forest can be accessed from here via its secret exit.
1-7 Tangle Temple Tangle temple.png An ancient temple filled with vines to swing on.
1-8 Switch Shift Grove Switch shift grove.png A ? Switch-filled level where anything and everything can move. The Yellow Switch Palace can be accessed from here via its secret exit.
1-Castlensmbw2.png Creepcrack Castle Creepcrack castle.png A castle of ancient ruins and traps. King Fuzzy is fought here for the second time.
1-Airship2.png Derelict Airship Derelict airship.png A docked airship to the east coast of Yoshi's Island, where Iggy Koopa is fought.
A-1 Autumn Plateau AutumnPlateau.jpg The first stage of Goldwood Forest. It features many Bramballs and Fire Piranha Plants.
A-2 Appletree Woods Appletree woods.PNG This level has Apples that Yoshi can eat. Its secret exit leading to Goldbuzz Forest.
A-3 Fall Harvest Fall harvest.PNG This level has Prickly Goombas and Chestnuts that fall from the trees. Completing this level unlocks the Goldwood Music House.
A-A Goldbuzz Forest Goldbuzz forest.PNG This level features the gimmick of Koopa Troopas climbing on Honeycombs. The secret exit in this level unlocks Fallmart, the shop of Goldwood Forest.
A-Fortress.png Leafpile Fortress Maxresdefault (5).jpg The first fortress in the game, featuring no boss. It has ruined walls with many leaves and enemy traps. This is the final level of Goldwood Forest, and completing it leads the player to Cascade Chasm of Soggy Sewers.
2-1 Cactus Cove Cactus cove.PNG This level serves as an introduction to Rubble Ruins.
2-2 Gushing Gutter Gushing gutter.PNG It's a pipe-laden area where Screw Platforms stand.
2-3 Dripdrop Drains Maxresdefault (2).jpg A pipe-filled area filled with many Piranha Plants and Munchers.
2-4 Cascade Chasm Maxresdefault-0.jpg The first level to autoscroll, located in a chasm, as the name implies, with many Buzzy Beetles, Goombas, Pokeys, and Piranha Plants.
2-Towernsmbw.png Pipeline Tower Pipeline tower.png This tower contains a complex system of connected pipes. The boss at the very top of the tower is King Thwomp.
2-5 Barrelband Wilds Barrelband wilds.png It's a desert full of Pokeys and Spikes. Its secret exit leads to Fossil Tunnel.
2-6 Urchin Seasands Urchin seasands.png It takes place in a sandy oasis filled with Urchins.
2-7 Windworn Dunes Windworn dunes.png It takes place in a windier area of Rubble Ruins.
2-8 Searing Sands HOT.PNG Watch out! The Angry Sun is lurking around this level, following Mario's every move and ready to make his day a bit hotter...
2-9 Pillar Pass Pillar pass.png It takes place in an area filled with pillars, Boomerang Bros. and Fire Bros. This level has a secret exit that leads to Mini-Mega Island.
2-A Fossil Tunnel Fossil tunnel.png A handy hidden shortcut from Barrelband Wilds which cuts through a nearby cave and goes straight to the Pyramid Castle.
2-Castlensmbw2.png Pyramid Castle Pyramid castle.png A pyramid full of statues of Bowser's minions. Certainly nothing creepy about that. What if they came alive? That couldn't happen.. or could it? King Thwomp is fought here for the last time.
2-Airship2.png Sandship Sandship.png This airship hovers over the dusty desert of Rubble Ruins. Roy Koopa awaits at the end of the level.
B-1 Mighty Meadow
Mighty meadow.PNG
This forest themed level introduces giant versions of enemies, such as the Mega Goomba.
B-2 Pintsized Plains
Pintsized plains.PNG
A plains-themed level featuring several micro areas within the level. This level features an underwater portion which introduces the Mega Urchin.
B-3 Troopashell Track
Troopashell track.PNG
This level takes place in a valley filled with giant Koopa Troopa shells. It is the only appearance of the Mega Stalking Piranha Plant.
B-4 Cheepcheep Creek
Cheepcheep creek.PNG
An autoscrolling underwater level featuring giant underwater enemies.
B-Fortress.png Formidable Fortress
Maxresdefault (6).jpg
The first half of the level takes place in a lava-filled fortress with Thwomps and Skewers. The pipe after the checkpoint takes you to an area outside in a plains with many big enemies. There is no boss in this level like all other fortresses in the secret worlds.
3-1 Chomproller Heights Chomproller heights.PNG It features lots of Chain Chomps, Goombas, and Hammer Bros. It also introduces the Hammer Suit.
3-2 Grimymole Mine Grimymole mine.PNG It features many Monty Moles and Expanding Mushroom Platforms.
3-3 Butterwood Crossing 3-3.PNG This level is located on a bridge filled with Fuzzies. This level also has a lot of ! Blocks throughout the level that change some track's directions and redirects Fuzzies. The secret exit in this level unlocks Mountain Mall, the shop of Mushroom Peaks.
3-4 Wobbleshroom Bluffs Wobbleshroom bluffs.PNG The athletic level features multiple Mushroom Blocks and Mushroom Platforms, most of which are moving.
3-Towernsmbw.png Burnblaze Tower Burnblaze tower.PNG A tower with many fiery obstacles and moving platforms. Ricky Wrench is first fought here.
3-5 Fungi Pit Fungi pit.PNG A Mini Mushroom-themed underground area filled with Mushroom Platforms.
3-6 Bubble Basin Bubble basin.PNG An underwater level marking the only appearance of the Cheep Chomp.
3-7 Slanty Shroomroad Slanty shroomroad.PNG Another mountainous area, this time with a gimmick of slanted Mushroom Platforms.
3-Castlensmbw2.png Moltenwire Castle Moltenwire castle.PNG An autoscrolling castle with many Fire Bars. Ricky Wrench is fought for the last time here.
3-Airship2.png Capshroom Airship Capshroom airship.PNG An airship with lots of Screw Mushrooms. Morton Koopa Jr. is fought here.
4-1 Bamboo Steppes Bamboo steppes.PNG A standard Sakura Village level which introduces climbable bamboo stalks and Shy Guys.
4-2 Flipblock Orchard Flipblock orchard.PNG The level introducing Flip Blocks.
4-3 Cherry Falls Cherry falls.PNG A semi-watery level featuring many Shy Guys and waterfalls.
4-4 Petal Lake Petal lake.PNG A lake filled with many jumping Cheep Cheeps. The secret exit in this level unlocks Sakura Souvenirs, the shop of Sakura Village.
4-Towernsmbw.png Blossom Tower Blossom tower.PNG A towering Japanese-inspired building filled with Shy Guys. This is where Samerguy is first fought.
4-5 Vine Chasm Vine chasm.PNG A semi-underground chasm filled with vines and bamboo stalks.
4-A Hilltop Town Hilltop town.PNG A small town filled with lots of Japanese-inspired houses. Its normal exit leads to The Green Switch Palace. Its secret exit leads to Sky City.
4-6 Rooftop Hop Rooftop hop.PNG A level that takes place on the rooftops of many dojos full of Jump Blocks and Shy Guys.
4-7 Thunder Bridge Thunder bridge.PNG A stormy rain-drenched bridge. The Thunder Cloud makes its first and only appearance here.
4-Castlensmbw2.png Samurai Castle Samurai castle.PNG A dojo filled with Mario-like monk statues. This is where Samerguy is fought for the second and final time.
4-Airship2.png Nutscrew Airship Nutscrew airship.PNG An airship flying above Sakura Village filled with Mechakoopas and Screw Platforms. Lemmy Koopa is fought here.

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