Newer Super Mario Bros. Wiki
Game(s) Newer Super Mario Bros. DS
First appearance (DS) Tipsaw Trench
Final appearance (DS) Tipsaw Trench
Related enemies Podoboo

Cloudoboos rare enemies seen only in Newer Super Mario Bros. DS. They are sky-themed reskins of the Podoboo made specifically for Tipsaw Trench in Cirrus Heavens.


Cloudoboos are white puffs of cloud with two angry black eyes and a frown.


Cloudoboos will jump out of clouds in a set location to a set height. No matter how the player comes in contact with them, the player will be damaged (with the exception of specific powerups). Cloudoboos cannot be defeated by fireballs from a Fire Flower, much like their normal counterpart, but hammers from a Hammer Suit, Super Stars, and Mega Mushrooms can instantly defeat them.