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Dorrie's Island
Game Newer Super Mario Bros. DS
World number 3
Levels 9
Bosses Bowser Jr.
Game Progression
Previous world (2) Crystal Sewers
Next world (4) Pumpkin Boneyard
(7) Cirrus Heavens (secret)

Dorrie's Island is the third world in Newer Super Mario Bros. DS. It's a tropical island which later turns into a forest. It is represented by a Cheep Cheep underwater.

Its tower boss is Bowser Jr. and its castle boss is Cheepskipper.


Dorrie's Island is initially a beach-themed world, though after Palmthorn Beach, the world becomes mostly forests. It is heavily inspired by Yoshi's Island from Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii and World 3 from New Super Mario Bros. 2.

Dorrie's Island can only be accessed through completing Flameburst Flotilla in Crystal Sewers. Completion of Overgrown Armoury grants access to Pumpkin Thornhill in Pumpkin Boneyard. Completion of The House of Blocks' secret exit grants access to World 3-Cannon.png, leading to Lavender Skybridge in Cirrus Heavens.


Level number Level name Preview Description
3-1 Sandy Shore Sandy shore.PNG A beach-themed level featuring floating barrels and Lakitu.
3-A Unagi Borough Unagi borough.PNG An underwater level predominently featuring Unagis.
3-2 Palmthorn Beach Palmthorn beach.PNG A Mini Mushroom-centered level focused on the fact that the player jumps higher filled with Spike Blocks.
3-Towernsmb2.png Hivetree Tower Hivetree tower.PNG A Wiggler-filled tower taking place inside a tree featuring climbable honeycombs. Bowser Jr. is fought at the top.
3-3 Honeycomb Thicket Honeycomb thicket.PNG A forest-themed level featuring climbable honeycombs once again and poison water.
3-B Dorrie Den Dorrie den.png A forest level introducing Dorrie where the player must ride carefully to pass the poison water.
3-C Skeeter Coast Skeeter coast.png A beach-themed level focusing on Skeeters which will try to bomb the player while they swim.
3-Ghost.png The House of Blocks The house of blocks.png The first Ghost House in Newer Super Mario Bros. DS, featuring many Hanging Question Blocks.
3-Final.png Overgrown Armoury Overgrown armoury.png A cracked ruin full of Giant Spiked Balls and Piranha Plant. Cheepskipper is fought at the end.

Other Buildings

Level number Level name Preview Description
3-Cannon.png World 3-Cannon.png World 3-CannonDS.png The Warp Cannon of Dorrie's Island which leads to Cirrus Heavens. It is accessible after completing The House of Blocks' secret exit.