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Dragonride Firesea
Game Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii
Level number 8-A
Time 655
World Koopa Core
Level type Lava, Underground
Enemies None
Game Progression
Previous level (8-Towernsmbw.png2) Pendulum Tower
Next level (8-Bowsercas.png) Bowser's Keep

Dragonride Firesea (or World 8-A) is the only alternate level of Koopa Core in Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii. It's a Spine Coaster ride tasking the player with collecting all thirty Red Rings.

Dragonride Firesea is unlocked by completing Pendulum Tower. Completing it will unlock Bowser's Keep.


Although the level has a strange time limit of 655 seconds, it can be completed in less than 100 in-game seconds. It begins with the opening room, with a Question Block that gives you a Fire Flower. When you enter the main room, you will already notice Spine Coasters that move in much faster speeds than they did in the original New Super Mario Bros. Wii. There will also be twenty-nine Red Rings that must be collected to unlock the third Star Coin, which is blocked by a wall that requires thirty red rings. Other than Lava Geysers and the lava itself, there are no enemies in the level.

Star Coins

  • Star Coin 1: The first time you transfer Spine Coasters, jump when it curves up to reach this Star Coin,
  • Star Coin 2: Later on in the level, you'll find this Star Coin right in the middle of four Red Rings. It is in plain sight and you'll be sure not to miss it.
  • Star Coin 3: This Star Coin will prove to be brutally difficult, perhaps the hardest in the game. To get this Star Coin, you must collect every Red Ring you see in this level, all twenty-nine rings in the main section and the last one in the final room. With the sheer speed that the Spine Coasters move at, it will take many tries to collect them all, so try to aim for this last Star Coin in your second run of this level. When you do collect all twenty-nine rings in the main section, collecting the thirtieth Red Ring in the final room will open up the gate that blocks the Star Coin.



Newer Super Mario Bros Wii World 8-A Dragonride Firesea


Name Music Origin Area played
Core Greenhorn Forest from Wario World. Entrance and exit room
Fire Original song. Main area


  • This level has the exact same concept as World 8-7 from Another Super Mario Bros. Wii.
  • This level has a high time limit of 655 seconds, although the level can be completed in less than 100 seconds.