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Ectoplasm Hollow
Game Newer Super Mario Bros. DS
Level number 4-3
Time 400
World Pumpkin Boneyard
Level type Underground
Enemies Big Splunkins
Dry Bones
Game Progression
Previous level (4-2) Broozer Sward
Next level (4-Towernsmb2.png) Spiritful Steeple

Ectoplasm Hollow (or World 4-3) is the third level of Pumpkin Boneyard in Newer Super Mario Bros. DS. It's an ectoplasm-filled underground level with many Dry Bones and Splunkins.

Ectoplasm Hollow is unlocked by completing Broozer Sward. Completing it will unlock Spiritful Steeple.

Star Coins

Star Coin 1: Use the nearby spring and place it on the ectoplasm, then jump on it at the ectoplasm's peak to jump to the alcove with the Star Coin. Using Luigi makes this Star Coin much easier to grab.

Star Coin 2: There is a section after the checkpoint where you will see a ? Switch and an ! Switch near each other. Hit the ? Switch to make the Hard Blocks explode, but then go against common sense by not pressing the ! Switch. This will make you fall to what may be presumed to be death, but in fact, you will be able to enter the red pipe below the green one, where you will find the Star Coin.

Star Coin 3: Immediately after Star Coin 2, you will find a section where you must hit two ? Switches to make the Pipe-Blockers go away so you can progress. However, keen-eyed players may notice that the bottom yellow pipe actually has an enterable top to it, as opposed to the others. Go down it to find the Star Coin.