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Eep Cheep
Game(s) Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii
Another Super Mario Bros. Wii
First appearance (Wii) Rainshed Pond
(AN) World 1-4
Final appearance (Wii) Cheepcheep Creek
(AN) World 8-4
Related enemies Big Eep Cheep
Cheep Cheep
Mega Eep Cheep
Micro Eep Cheep

Eep Cheeps are variants of Cheep Cheeps which appear in Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii and Another Super Mario Bros. Wii.


Eep Cheeps look similar to Cheep Cheeps, although they are colored yellow.


Eep Cheeps usually travel in schools (groups of fish). They swim away from the player whenever they get close, which is the opposite of Deep Cheeps and their behavior.