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Everbrown Woods
Screenshot (89).png
Game Newer: Falling Leaf
World number 1 (section 2)
Levels 6
Bosses None
Game Progression
Previous world (1) Unknown Island
Next world (1) Freezefall Hill

Everbrown Woods is the second section of the first and only world in Newer: Falling Leaf. It is a fall-themed world heavily inspired by Goldwood Forest from Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii.


Everbrown Woods is the largest world in the game, taking place on an orange, fall-themed forest on an island. It is surrounded by Unknown Island to the west and Freezefall Hill to the northeast. Towards the end, the world slowly transitions into a Halloween theme, featuring two Pumpkin Boneyard-influenced levels at the end of the world.

Everbrown Woods is automatically accessible upon creating a new save file, as the previous world, Unknown Island, does not have any levels that need to be completed to access Everbrown Woods. Completing Hallow's End will grant access to Moonview Ascent in Freezefall Hill.


Level number Level name Preview Description
1-1 Wiggler Wood
Wiggler wood.png
A normal fall-forest level with many Wigglers you can jump off of.
1-2 Woodfall Canyon
Woodfall canyon.png
An athletic level taking place over the forest. It's very similar to Fuzzy Canyon from Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii.
1-3 Crystalswing Cave
Crystalswing cave.png
An underground cave filled with Crystal Blocks. This is the only level of Newer: Falling Leaf to have a secret exit, which leads to Seaside Boo House.
1-4 Burning Bush
Burning bush.png
A dangerous level taking place in a forest fire!
1-5 Hallow's End
Screenshot (93).png
A spooky pumpkin field filled with Broozers and Boos.
1-A Seaside Boo House
Screenshot (94).png
A scary Ghost House with many Big Boo Buddies and Poles.