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Fallout Footbridge
Game Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii
Level number E-2
Time 600
World Bombard Cliffs
Level type Athletic
Enemies Bob-ombs
Bomb Bros.
Cheep Cheeps
Koopa Paratroopas (G & R)
Koopa Troopas (Red)
Game Progression
Previous level (E-1) Bombshell Bridge
Next level (E-3) Bombassault Gorge

Fallout Footbridge (or World E-2) is the second level of Bombard Cliffs in Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii. It is a Bob-omb-filled athletic level introducing the Bomb Bro.

Fallout Footbridge is unlocked by completing Bombshell Bridge. Completing it will unlock Bombassault Gorge.


Star Coins

  • Star Coin 1: After the first Bomb Bro, you will need either toss a nearby Koopa Shell at the coin or throw a Bob-Omb from the Bomb Bro.
  • Star Coin 2: After the checkpoint, there is another Star Coin under two bridges. Do the same as the first Star Coin-toss a Koopa Shell or a Bob-Omb.
  • Star Coin 3: You may need a Propeller Suit for this coin. Before the flagpole, jump down under the pair of waterfalls to find a hidden Warp Pipe to a hidden underground area. You'll find the Star Coin in the left of the area.


Developer gameplay (3:13 to 5:13)


Name Music Origin Area played
Athletic theme from New Super Mario Bros. Main area
Underground theme from Super Mario Bros. Underground areas