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Fly Guy
Game(s) Newer Super Mario Bros. DS
First appearance (DS) Muncher Romp
Final appearance (DS) Spiny Swings
Related enemies Shy Guy

Fly Guys are a flying version of the Shy Guy, which appear in Newer Super Mario Bros. DS. They are only seen in Cirrus Heavens.


Fly Guys are red Shy Guys with purple boots. The defining feature if the Fly Guy is their blue propeller, which is attached to their heads and allows them to fly.


Fly Guys fly around, and they have a few patterns on how they fly. They can be found flying up and down, in a vertical line, or can be found flying left and right, in a horizontal line. Also, Fly Guys can be found in groups, where they go in circles.

Fly Guys can be killed by almost anything, but they're not the easiest to defeat, as they'll rapidly move around.