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Foot Pump Spring
Game(s) Newer Super Mario Bros. DS
Type Spring
Function Acts as platform,
Allows player to access new areas,
Elevates player.
Related objects Foot Pump
First apearance (DS) Springstep Chasm (form.)
Final appearance (DS) Springstep Chasm (form.)

Foot Pump Springs are unused objects that would've appeared in Newer Super Mario Bros. DS. They're only seen in an unused level called Springstep Chasm, and they were removed due to the spring being very glitchy.


Foot Pump Springs are yellow foot pumps with a blue top.


Foot Pump Springs act as stationary platforms. When you step on one of these springs, it'll lower itself, allowing you to access things you weren't able to access before. Foot Pump Springs can also help you get up high in the air, because some of these springs continuously go up and down, push you upward when you're on it.


As mentioned before, this spring was scrapped due to it being very glitchy. Foot Pump Springs are actually reskins of an unused "Bouncy Brick" sprite from the original New Super Mario Bros. Since these were unused in the original game, they weren't fully programmed and some glitches can occur. Here's a list of known glitches:

  • If an enemy, like a Goomba, walks on a Foot Pump Spring, the spring will spaz out, making it quickly go up and down by a few pixels. This doesn't affect gameplay.
  • If you're Mini Mario, when you step on a Foot Pump Spring that's going up and down automatically, you'll fall through when it goes down. This doesn't happen with any other form.