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Game(s) Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii
Newer SMBWii Plus
Appearances (Wii) Timber Tower
(Wii) Creepcrack Castle
Related enemy Fuzzy

Fuzzington[1] (also known as Giga Fuzzy, Fuzzy Bear, and King Fuzzy) is the tower and castle boss of Yoshi's Island in Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii. He is a large Fuzzy.

Fuzzington is fought in Timber Tower and Creepcrack Castle.


Fuzzington looks identical to a normal Fuzzy aside from his size. He is a black ball full of constantly shifting protrusions. He has two differently-sized white eyes with black pupils and a large four-toothed constantly open red mouth.


As the player enters the arena, they'll encounter a normal Fuzzy sitting on the ground. Kamek soon swoops in, using his magic to enlarge the Fuzzy, transforming it into Fuzzington.

Fuzzington will simply jump around the arena in predictable arcs, only turning once it hits one of the arena's walls. He will occasionally stop in place for a bit before jumping again.

The main way to damage Fuzzington is to throw Violet Blocks at him. These Violet Blocks are scattered across the arena on Semisolid Platforms, with four of them in total. They can be picked up similarly to Glow Blocks and Propeller Blocks to be thrown. Stationary Violet Blocks cannot harm Fuzzington. The player must hit Fuzzington thrice to defeat him and end the battle. The Hammer Suits' hammers can also be used to damage Fuzzington .

Upon being hit, Fuzzington will begin to roll around the arena's floor in the opposite direction of where he was hurt, constantly turning around at the arena's walls, before continuing to jump around again. Fuzzington cannot be hurt while he's rolling.

Once Fuzzington is defeated, he will shrink before disappearing, ending the battle.

There are quite a few differences between Fuzzington's tower and castle fights, the main of which being his arena's layout. In his tower fight, there are three Semisolid Platforms, the center one being higher than the rest. Two Violet Blocks sit atop this higher platform, while the other two rest on the two lower platforms respectively. In his castle fight, there are four Semisolid Platforms, the two center ones being lower and smaller than the two outer ones. Two Violet Blocks sit at each outer platform against the wall. Compared to the castle arena, the tower arena is also a tile smaller horizontally. Other differences between the fights include Fuzzington being slightly larger and sometimes jumping a fair bit higher in the castle fight.


  • When Fuzzington is rolling after being damaged, the player cannot be hit while standing on almost any Semisolid Platform, with the exceptions being his castle fight's center platforms. Do note that Fuzzington may still leap towards the player once his rolling is done and hit the player.
  • Having a Violet Block ready as Fuzzington is rolling can help end the fight quicker. As he starts jumping again, the player can immediately throw down a Violet Block to cause him to enter his rolling phase once more. Do not throw it too early, however—as Fuzzington will not be hurt if he is still rolling.