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Goal Poles are found at the end of the level. They have a yellow bell on top and a Bowser Flag on it.

Normal Goal Pole

Secret Goal Pole

An Alternative of the Goal Pole but this time it's has a red flag and bell and it has a Red Bowser Flag.

Secret Goal Pole

Secret Exit Locations

Most Levels may have a secret exit (Including Tower Levels) as an example such as in Butterwood Crossing in Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii and Wagon Way in Newer Super Mario Bros. DS.

All Ghost Houses Have A Secret Exit for some reason.

Newer Super Mario Bros. DS

World 1-2 Chopwood Cavern

World 1-{{{1}}}x{{{1}}}px Ropeblast Tower

World 2-3 Switching Sewer

World 2-A Hydroskip Drain ( Requires Mini Mushroom )

World 2-4 Wagon Way

World 3-2 Palmthorn Beach ( Requires Mini Mushroom )

World 3-{{{1}}}x{{{1}}}px The House of Blocks

World 4-1 Pumpkin Thornhill

World 4-{{{1}}}x{{{1}}}px The House of Doors

World 5-2 Everfrost Hole

World 5-B Precarious Byway

World 5-{{{1}}}x{{{1}}}px The House of Stairs ( King Boo Boss Fight)

World 7-{{{1}}}x{{{1}}}px The House of Bogus

World 7-4 Cloudbolt Chasm

World 7-5 Gigantic Gardens

World 7-6 Spiny Swings

Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii

World 1-6 Rainshed Pond

World 1-8 Switch Shift Grove

World 2-5 Barrelband Wilds

World 2-9 Pillar Pass

World 3-3 Butterwood Crossing

World 4-4 Petal Lake

World 4-A Hilltop Town

World 5-5 Snowfall Peak

World 5-8 Magma Iceburrow

World 6-3 Fog Cemetery

World 6-6 Cawcaw Treeway

World 7-1 Shy Guy Peaks

World 7-5 Asteroid Belt

World A-2 Appletree Woods

World A-A Goldbuzz Forest

World B-2 Pintsized Plains

World D-2 Toxic Wigglershaft