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Goldleaf Plains
Game Newer Super Mario Bros. DS
World number 1
Levels 8
Bosses Bowser Jr.
Game Progression
Previous world None
Next world (2) Crystal Sewers
(4) Pumpkin Boneyard (secret)

Goldleaf Plains is the first world in Newer Super Mario Bros. DS. It is an autumn-themed plain heavily inspired by Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii's Goldwood Forest. It is represented by some Super Leaves over an orange sky.

Its tower boss is Bowser Jr. and its castle boss is Bowser.


Goldleaf Plains takes place in an autumn-themed field beside Princess Peach's castle. It has many plants, along with dead leaves scattered all across everywhere. The sky is orange with yellow hills and orange bushes. From Snailicorn Grove to Wiggler Woods and Leafpile Castle, there is an autumn forest setting with big red trees and poison water. A lot of leaves fall within that section. After Wiggler Woods, the levels go back to the autumn plains theme. There are several flowers, mushrooms, and Brick Blocks scattered throughout the world map. A river of light yellow water streams beside it.

Goldleaf Plains is automatically accessible upon creating a new save file. Completion of Leafpile Castle grants access to Crystalswoop Grotto in Crystal Sewers. Completion of Ropeblast Tower's secret exit grants access to World 1-Cannon.png, leading to Pumpkin Thornhill in Pumpkin Boneyard.


Level number Level name Preview Description
1-1 Everbrown Meadow Everbrown.png An autumn-themed level outside Princess Peach's castle with many Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and Piranha Plants.
1-2 Chopwood Cavern Chopwoodcavern.png An underground level containing logs and Buzzy Beetles. It is the first level to have Dragon Coins.
1-3 Snailicorn Grove Snailicorngrove.png A poison water-filled forest level that mainly focuses on Snailicorns.
1-Towernsmb2.png Ropeblast Tower Ropeblasttower.png A tightrope- and Banzai Bill-filled tower. It marks Bowser Jr.'s first fight.
1-4 Wiggler Woods Wigglerwoods.png A forest level focusing on Wigglers. Midway through the level, the player will start riding a Mega Wiggler.
1-5 Unsteady Gorge Unsteadygorge.png A sky-themed level that focuses on blue and pink mushroom platforms that rise and descend.
1-A Goldbush Pond Goldbushpond.png A dangerous lake where the player encounters Seesaw Platforms, Spinies, and the deadly Spike Bass.
1-Final.png Leafpile Castle Leafpilecastle.png An ancient ruin with barely any walls and lots of falling leaves. Bowser is first fought here.

Other Buildings

Level number Level name Preview Description
1-Cannon.png World 1-Cannon.png World1cannon.png The Warp Cannon of Goldleaf Plains which leads to Pumpkin Boneyard. It is accessible after completing Ropeblast Tower's secret exit.
1-MushroomHouseDS.png Special House SpecialHouse.png A special Toad House that allows the player to change their bottom screen's background in exchange for Star Coins. It is accessible after completing Bowser's Castle in Koopa Country, completing all 96 exits, obtaining all 240 Star Coins, and buying every Star Coin Sign.