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This article is about the world in Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii. Not be confused with Goldbuzz Forest, a level in this world.
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Goldwood Forest

Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii - Goldwood Forest (Complete World A)

Game Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii
World number A
Levels 5
Bosses None
Game Progression
Previous world (1) Yoshi's Island (secret)
Next world (2) Rubble Ruins/Soggy Sewers
The path to this secret world is hidden somewhere among Yoshi's Island... can you find it? There's five secret worlds in all for you to uncover!
~ The official Newer website.

Goldwood Forest is the first secret world of Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii. It is a fall-themed world filled with leaves, falling Chestnuts, and tall trees.

As with every secret world, it does not have a boss.


Goldwood Forest takes place on an autumn-themed island, with orange grass and red trees. There are quite a lot of fences everywhere, and to the east of the island are several red and pink hills. On the north side of the island is a massive tree with a hanging beehive, along with a destroyed fortress and a Warp Pipe.

Goldwood Forest can only be accessed through the secret exit from Rainshed Pond in Yoshi's Island. Completion of Leafpile Fortress grants access to Cascade Chasm in Soggy Sewers.


Level number Level name Preview Description
A-1 Autumn Plateau AutumnPlateau.png An autumn-themed field featuring Bramballs and Fire Piranha Plants.
A-2 Appletree Woods AppletreeWoods.png An autumn-themed level containing Apples that Yoshi can eat. Its secret exit leads to Goldbuzz Forest.
A-3 Fall Harvest FallHarvest.png Another autumn-themed level, this time featuring Prickly Goombas and Chestnuts that fall from the trees. Completing this level unlocks the Goldwood Music House.
A-A Goldbuzz Forest GoldbuzzForest.png Yet another autumn-themed level, this time with the gimmick of Koopa Troopas climbing on Honeycombs. The secret exit in this level unlocks Fallmart, the shop of Goldwood Forest.
A-Fortress.png Leafpile Fortress LeafpileFortress.png The first fortress in the game, featuring no boss. It has ruined walls with many leaves and enemy traps. This is the final level of Goldwood Forest and completing it leads the player to Cascade Chasm of Soggy Sewers.

Other Buildings

Level number Level name Preview Description
A-Store.png Fallmart Placeholer image.jpg The Shop of Goldwood Forest. It is accessible after completing Goldbuzz Forest's secret exit.
A-Musichouse.png Goldwood Music House Placeholer image.jpg The Music House of Goldwood Forest. It is accessible after completing Fall Harvest.