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Hammer Bro
Hammer bro.png
Game(s) Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii
Newer SMBWii Plus
Newer Super Mario Bros. DS
Another Super Mario Bros. Wii
First appearance (Wii) Yoshi Woods
(DS) Leafpile Castle
(AN) World 1-3
Final appearance (Wii) Black Clappers
(DS) Bowser's Castle
(AN) World 9-1
Related enemies Bomb Bro
Boomerang Bro
Chargin' Bro
Fire Bro
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Sledge Bro

Hammer Bros. are uncommon enemies found throughout the Newer Super Mario Bros. series. They are taller than most Koopa Troopas, throwing hammers to attack. Hammer Bros. have green shells and helmets, but their helmets do not give them any protection.