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Ice Pokey
Game(s) Newer Super Mario Bros. DS
First appearance (DS) Snowfield Plateau
Final appearance (DS) Snowstorm Ridge
Related enemies Snowipokey
Snow Pokey

Ice Pokeys are reskins of the Pokey that only appear in Newer Super Mario Bros. DS. They are icy versions made specifically for Moonview Glacier.


Ice Pokeys are white segmented creatures made up of multiple circular snowballs. They have multiple blue icicles sprouting from their bodies. On its topmost segment is its head, which sports two beady black eyes and an uncomfortable or cold expression. Ice Pokeys will always face the direction of the player horizontally.


Ice Pokeys act the exact same as the normal Pokeys. They slowly wiggle left to right, turning at edges and walls. They have multiple segments whose amounts vary from each Ice Pokey. These segments can be removed one by one by fireballs from a Fire Flower, making the Ice Pokey shorter and shorter. If the its head is hit by a fireball from a Fire Flower, the entire Ice Pokey will be defeated.

Ice Pokeys are completely immune to hammers from a Hammer Suit. They can be instantly defeated by Super Stars and Mega Mushrooms.