Ice Pokey
Game(s) Newer Super Mario Bros. DS
First appearance (DS) Snowfield Plateau
Final appearance (DS) Snowstorm Ridge
Related enemies Snowipokey

Ice Pokeys are icy reskins of the Pokey that only appear in Moonview Glacier from Newer Super Mario Bros. DS.


The Ice Pokey, as stated before, is a reskin of the normal Pokey. These enemies are made up of many snowballs, with pointy light blue icicles sticking out. The top snowball has a face, with an uncomfortable or cold expression, along with three icicles sticking out. Ice Pokeys will always face the direction of the player horizontally. Oddly enough, Ice Pokeys still leave sand particles when they shuffle.


Ice Pokeys act the exact same as the Pokeys in the original game. They'll slowly move left or right, and when they hit a wall or reach an edge, they'll turn around. When hit by fireballs or hammers, Ice Pokeys will lose their snowballs. If a fireball or hammer hits their head, then the whole body will collapse and it'll be defeated.

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