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Game(s) Newer Super Mario Bros. DS
First appearance (DS) Meteor Lane
Final appearance (DS) Meteor Lane
Related enemies Bob-omb

Kab-ombs are a variant of Bob-ombs which only appear in Meteor Lane from Newer Super Mario Bros. DS.


Kab-ombs are round black balls with some bright green on them. They have little yellow-orange legs, along with white eyes and big lips. They also have a white fuse on top of their heads.


Kab-ombs act quite differently compared to the Bob-omb. Kab-ombs will slowly walk around, turning at edges. If they're jumped on, they'll simply be defeated and fall down the screen. But if they're hit by a meteorite or fireball, they'll turn red and start to flail around. They'll follow the player for a bit, then stop and jump up into the air, exploding into fireworks.