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King Thwomp
Game(s) Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii
Newer SMBWii Plus
Appearances (Wii) Pipeline Tower
(Wii) Pyramid Castle
Related enemy Thwomp

King Thwomp is the tower and castle boss of Soggy Sewers and Rubble Ruins in Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii. He is a Thwomp enlarged by Kamek.

King Thwomp is fought in Pipeline Tower and Pyramid Castle.


King Thwomp looks identical to a Big Thwomp. He is a dark gray rectangular stone block with several lighter gray spikes protruding out of his sides. On his front is a perpetually angry face with two small white eyes with red pupils surrounded by black circles under a sort of unibrow and a large block-toothed mouth. When passive, his eyes and mouth are closed, while when attacking, his eyes and mouth are largely opened.


As the player enters the arena, they'll encounter a standard Thwomp resting on the ground. Kamek soon swoops in, using his magic to enlarge the Thwomp, transforming it into King Thwomp.

King Thwomp will rise to the top of the arena before slowly sliding left, turning at the arena's walls. Akin to a normal Thwomp, once the player goes under him, he will strike down with his slam attack before rising up again.

The player cannot damage King Thwomp directly. Instead, they must use his smashing tendencies to send him through the breakable floor of his arena. Each time King Thwomp slams down, he will destroy a layer of the breakable blocks beneath his heavy body. The player must lure King Thwomp to the same spot in order to break through all the floor's layers and cause King Thwomp to fall down on his own accord. Do note that the player may also fall down if a hole arises.

Once King Thwomp has fallen though the floor of his arena, he explodes, unleashing a flash of golden light and finishing the fight.

King Thwomp's tower and castle fights have slightly different arenas. In his tower fight, the floor is composed of two simple layers of Stone Blocks, while in his castle fight, not only are a few breakable blocks forming a third layer mainly around the middle, but there are two indestructible pillars that King Thwomp cannot go through. The castle arena is also a bit bigger.


  • King Thwomp strikes the moment the player is under him, not when he is directly over them. Due to this, in order to properly aim King Thwomp towards a weak point, the player must stand to the left or right of it depending on where King Thwomp is coming from, not in the middle of it.
  • In his castle fight, it is better not to aim him towards the middle section, as it has four more breakable blocks at its third layer than the side sections.
  • Due to King Thwmop's position and his on-contact harm, the Propeller Suit is ill-advised in this battle.


  • King Thwomp's entire gimmick is taken straight from the final battle against Bowser in Super Mario Bros. 3. Both fights involve the player purposefully making the boss strike through the floor so they fall through the bottom and become defeated.