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Koopa Country
Newer Super Mario Bros

Newer Super Mario Bros. DS - Koopa Country (Complete World 8)

Game(s) Newer Super Mario Bros. DS
World number 8
Levels 12
Bosses Bowser Jr.
Monty Tank
Game Progression
Previous world (7) Cirrus Heavens
(6) Lunar Realm
(4) Pumpkin Boneyard (secret)
Next world None

Koopa Country is the eighth and final world of Newer Super Mario Bros. DS. It's divided into two parts, with the first being a dark desert and the second being a Lava-filled area.


Level number Level name Preview Description
8-1 Boomblast Badlands BoomblastBadlands A desert wasteland filled with Bob-ombs and Bomb Spikes.
8-2 Sandstream Tunnel SandstreamTunnel A sandy cave where Spinies, Fire Snakes and Chain Chomps will try to stop you progress.
8-Towernsmb2 Lavalit Tower LavalitTower A lava-lit tower where the farther up you go the darker it gets.
8-3 Wicked Gale Vale WickedGaleVale A Muncher-filled desert land with strong gusts of wind which will push the player towards Pokeys and Goombas!
8-4 Skyglare Dryland SkyglareDryland The Angry Sun and Mad Moon both team up to fight in their only level, providing a hard challenge!
8-Final Ironclad Battalion IroncladBattalion Bowser has sent all of his tanks towards Mario, and now he must avoid cannonballs to make it out alive! Monty Tank will challenge Mario at the end of the level.
8-5 Basalt Bay BasaltBay A lava-filled volcanic field where volcanic debris will fall from the sky.
8-6 Bombkey Banks BombkeyBanks An autoscrolling level where Mario must avoid Bombkeys, which will explode upon contact with fireballs.
8-7 Slitherthorn Grotto SlitherthornGrotto A red, lava-filled cavern where Snake Blocks and Spiky Snake Blocks will challenge Mario.
8-8 Firehoop Inferno FirehoopInferno Podoboos have gained the power to float midair and are now Firehoops! Avoid these new enemies in this lava-filled canyon!
8-A Magmatrack Getaway MagmatrackGetaway The second and last Minecart level, this time taking place in a lava-filled cavern.
8-Bowsercnsmb Bowser's Castle BowsersCastleDS The final castle, and level, of Newer Super Mario Bros. DS. It takes place in Bowser's very own castle, and you must avoid Bowser Statues, floating Amps, and wavy lava! At the end, you must defeat Bowser for the final time, saving Princess Peach once and for all! At least until her next kidnapping...
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