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Lemmy Koopa
Lemmy Koopa.png
Game(s) Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii
Newer SMBWii Plus
Another Super Mario Bros. Wii
Appearances (Wii) Nutscrew Airship
(AN) World 3-Fortress.png
(AN) World 3-Castlensmbw2.png

Lemmy Koopa is one of the Koopalings found in the Newer Super Mario Bros. series. In Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii and Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii Plus, Lemmy Koopa is fought as the boss of Nutscrew Airship from Sakura Village. In Another Super Mario Bros. Wii, Lemmy Koopa is fought as the Koopaling of World 3.


Lemmy rolls around on his ball, and summons balls with his wand to throw at you. Jump on his head, and he will go in his shell. Repeat this process 2 more times.


  • Lemmy can't hurt you, unless he's in his shell.
  • Lemmy is the only koopaling that dose not shoot magic balls with his wand, instead he shoots bouncy balls.
  • Lemmy is the only Koopaling not fought inside there airship, Lemmy is fought outside his.