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This article is about the airship boss of Crystal Sewers in Newer Super Mario Bros. DS. Not be confused with Mega Goomba, an enemy seen in Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii and Newer: Falling Leaf.
Mega Goomba
Game(s) Newer Super Mario Bros. DS
Appearances (DS) Flameburst Flotilla
Related enemy Goomba
Mega Goomba (enemy)

Mega Goomba is the airship boss of Crystal Sewers in Newer Super Mario Bros. DS. It is a massive Goomba.

Mega Goomba is only fought in Flameburst Flotilla


Mega Goomba resembles a standard Goomba aside from its size. It's a brown mushroom-like creature with darker brown shoe-like feet and a beige armless body. It has two large black often angry eyebrows over its two white eyes and a pair of white fangs sprouting from its lower jaw.

Unlike standard Goombas, it does not appear as a 2D sprite, instead appearing as a 3D model.


As the player enters the arena, Bowser Jr. is seen laughing and leaping away. Soon after, a regular-sized Goomba enters the room before magically increasing in size, initiating the fight.

Mega Goomba will walk around the arena, halting to turn around at seemingly random points. Within the arena floor are three little dents that the player can use to hide from Mega Goomba as it walks, with the two outer dents needing the player to crouch to be used effectively.

The main way to deal damage to Mega Goomba is to ground pound on its head. Normal stomps won't work and will simply cause the player to bounce off. To reach its head, the player can press a ? Switch within the center floor dent to spawn two green platforms on both sides of the arena for a limited time. When either of these platforms are stepped on, they will rise, allowing the player to jump atop Mega Goomba's head if it is close enough. This process must be done thrice before it is defeated (nine times if the player is under the effects of a Mini Mushroom). Mega Goomba can also be damaged by Fire Flowers' fireballs and can be instantly defeated by a Mega Mushroom.

Every time Mega Goomba is ground pounded on (or receives enough damage via fireballs), it will halt before walking around the arena a bit faster.

Once Mega Goomba has been defeated, it will fall over, turning into a Boss Key to unlock the room to the right. There, Bowser Jr. will be waiting with Princess Peach, and will run off with her in his hands as the player follows him to Dorrie's Island.


  • The player does not need to use the green rising platforms to reach Mega Goomba's head. If Mega Goomba is close enough to the wall, they can just wall jump, easily reaching the top of its head. This can greatly shorten the fight.