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Monty Tank
Monty Tank.png
Game(s) Newer Super Mario Bros. DS
Appearances (DS) Ironclad Battalion
Related enemy Monty Mole

Monty Tank is the midway boss of Koopa Country in Newer Super Mario Bros. DS. It's a large multi-leveled tank piloted by a Monty Mole.

Monty Tank is fought in Ironclad Battalion.


Monty Tank is a dark green tank comprised of exclusively large-barreled turrets and a set of three dark gray wheels driving it along. A small window is found at the bottommost turret while added ones simply have a white skull design imprinted on them.

Its driver is a regular Monty Mole, a light brown white-bellied mole with black claw-like fingers and white whiskered cheeks. He has a tiny black nose and one white tooth sticking out of his mouth.


As the player jumps into the arena, lava rises up to a visible level before Bowser Jr. is seen laughing and leaping away. Soon after, Monty Tank comes barging in, forcefully but harmlessly bumping the player forward. initiating the fight.

Monty Tank will constantly go forward in its infinitely spanning arena. Barrels facing either left or right will constantly shoot Bullet Bills, which can be easily dodged by a crouch. Occasionally, the Monty Mole inside will pop out the topmost turret and throw a Bob-omb in the player's direction, though only if the player isn't directly near.

The main way to deal damage to Monty Tank is to jump on its driver's head while he has risen out of its topmost turret, with a ground pound dealing twice the amount of damage. Fireballs from a Fire Flower also have the ability to hurt the driver, though hammers from a Hammer Suit prove ineffective. Three hits must be dealt in order to defeat Monty Tank.

Every time Monty Tank's driver is damaged, he will retreat back into the turret and begin spinning violently, spamming Bullet Bills on either side of the arena. If the player gets bumped during this retaliation, they will receive no damage. After spinning, Monty Tank will stop before emerging another turret out its top with a new barrel to fire more Bullet Bills. Monty Tank has a maximum turret count of three for each hit, and is immediately given two if ground pounded as the first blow.

Once Monty Tank's driver is defeated, he'll stop for a second before his entire tank breaks into pieces, causing him to fall into the lava below and spawn a Boss Key to unlock a door to the right. There, Bowser Jr. will be waiting with Princess Peach, and will run off with her in his hands as the player follows him to the latter half of Koopa Country.


  • Due to Monty Tank's inability to harm the player by bumping, the player can simply crouch and nothing more during its small retaliation phase after a hit to avoid all of the Bullet Bills.