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Moonview Glacier
Newer Super Mario Bros

Newer Super Mario Bros. DS - Moonview Glacier (Complete World 5)

Game(s) Newer Super Mario Bros. DS
World number 5
Levels 10
Bosses Bowser Jr.
King Boo
Game Progression
Previous world (4) Pumpkin Boneyard
(2) Crystal Sewers (secret)
Next world (7) Cirrus Heavens
(6) Lunar Realm (secret)

Moonview Glacier is the fifth world in Newer Super Mario Bros. DS. It takes place in a moonlit snowfield with some Freezeflame elements. It is represented by a snowman dressed as Mario over the night sky.

Its tower boss is Bowser Jr. and its castle boss is Snowipokey. King Boo is fought during The House of Stairs' secret exit.


Moonview Glacier is night-skied snowy field akin to Freezefall Hill in Newer: Falling Leaf. Within Candelabrum Cavern and beside Icesmolder Lake are lava lakes, seemingly ineffective to the ice. Lava is also seen within Freezeflame Fortress. Snow Spikes and Ice Pokeys are commonplace.

Moonview Glacier can be accessed through completing Derelict Schooner in Pumpkin Boneyard or through using World 2-Cannon in Crystal Sewers, unlocked via Hydroskip Drain's secret exit. Completion of Freezeflame Fortress grants access to Lavender Skybridge in Cirrus Heavens. Completion of The House of Stairs' secret exit grants access to World 5-Cannon, the only path leading to Highhop Pass, or Asteroid Valley if the player buys a Star Coin Sign, in Lunar Realm.


Level number Level name Preview Description
5-1 Snowfield Plateau Snowfieldplateau A snowy level full of many Snow Spikes.
5-2 Everfrost Hole EverfrostHole A chilly cave with many Ice Pokeys which segues into a Freezeflame-themed lava bath.
5-A Blizzard Bluffs BlizzardBluffs An autoscrolling level which features many Bullet Bills and Banzai Bills trying to stop the player.
5-Towernsmb2 Icecrack Citadel IcecrackCitadel A slippery tower with many Bob-ombs breaking Ice Blocks. Bowser Jr. is fought at the top.
5-3 Snowstorm Ridge SnowstormRidge A level taking place high in the snow sky, where lifts are the only way of transportation.
5-B Precarious Byway PrecariousByway A dangerous athletic side route where spinning lifts and Snow Spikes try to stop the player.
5-C Candelabrum Cavern Candelabrum cavern A Freezeflame-themed icy cave filled with lava and Fire Bros..
5-Ghost The House of Stairs TheHouseOfStairs The Ghost House of Moonview Glacier centered around stairs. King Boo is fought for its secret exit, which is the only route to Lunar Realm.
5-4 Icesmolder Lake IcesmolderLake An icy hill taken over by lava full of Snow Spikes and Fire Bros..
5-Final Freezeflame Fortress FreezeflameFortress A Freezeflame-themed castle where the player needs to avoid Podoboos on ice. Snowipokey is fought at the end.

Other Buildings

Level number Level name Preview Description
5-Cannon World 5-


World5cannon The Warp Cannon of Moonview Glacier which is the only path leading to Lunar Realm. It is accessible after completing The House of Stairs' secret exit.
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