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Game(s) Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii
Newer Super Mario Bros. DS
First appearance (Wii) Dripdrop Drains
(DS) Muncher Romp
Final appearance (Wii) Black Clappers
(DS) Wicked Gale Vale
Related enemies Big Muncher
Mega Muncher
Micro Muncher
Piranha Plant

Munchers are rare enemies that appear throughout the Newer Super Mario Bros. series. They are black snipping plants mainly used as obstacles or make-shift pits.


Munchers have black round heads with a beady white eye and a constantly snapping mouth. They are held by an orange stem with two orange leaves sprouting out at each side.


Munchers are completely stationary, hanging on floors, ceilings, and walls, hurting the player on touch. They cannot be defeated by anything, and more-so act like harmful blocks than enemies. Enemies can walk on top of them without being harmed. It is common to find Super Stars in levels themed around Munchers, as that is one of the few ways to cross across them safely. The player may also use the Mega Mushroom.


Newer Super Mario Bros. DS

Cirrus Heavens
Level number Level name Count
7-2 Muncher Romp 133
Koopa Country
Level number Level name Count
8-3 Wicked Gale Vale 19