This article is about the fourth world of Newer Super Mario Bros. DS. Not be confused with Pumpkin Boneyard, the sixth world of Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii.

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Pumpkin Boneyard
Newer Super Mario Bros

Newer Super Mario Bros. DS - Pumpkin Boneyard (Complete World 4)

Game(s) Newer Super Mario Bros. DS
World number 4
Levels 10
Bosses Bowser Jr.
Dry Bowser
Game Progression
Previous world (3) Dorrie's Island
(1) Goldleaf Plains (secret)
Next world (5) Moonview Glacier
(8) Koopa Country (secret)

Pumpkin Boneyard (or World 4) is the fourth world in Newer Super Mario Bros. DS. It is inspired by Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii's Pumpkin Boneyard. This world is represented by a Boo over a purple sky.


Level number Level name Preview Description
4-1 Pumpkin Thornhill PumpkinThornhill A spooky pumpkin field filled with Boos and Spiked Question Blocks.
4-2 Broozer Sward BroozerSward Broozers and Tilting Mushroom Platforms galore in this level!
4-3 Ectoplasm Hollow EctoplamHollow A cave filled with ectoplasm and Dry Bones.
4-Towernsmb2 Spiritful Steeple SpiritfulSteeple A spook-filled tower where Balloon Boos hinder you progress.
4-4 Bone Marrow Road BoneMarrowRoad Dry Bones and Boos haunt this Bone-filled field!
4-A Flimsy Gulch FlimsyGulch An alternative graveyard-themed level, heavily inspired by Cawcaw Treeway.
4-Ghost The House of Doors TheHouseOfDoors Pumpkin Boneyard's Ghost House has the player picking the right Door out of the bunch.
4-5 Arachnid Charnel ArachnidCharnel An underground level where your vision is darkened.
4-6 Springy Spiritland SpringySpiritland A pumpkin patch where haunted hills form from the ground below you!
4-Final Derelict Schooner DerelictSchooner A shipwreck, very much inspired by Shipwreck Galleon, where Dry Bowser challenges you to a fight!
4-Cannon World 4-Cannon World 4-CannonDS A spooky Warp Cannon which leads you straight to Koopa Country!


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