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This article is about the sixth world in Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii. Not be confused with Pumpkin Boneyard, the fourth world in Newer Super Mario Bros. DS.
Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii
Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii Plus
Pumpkin Boneyard
Game Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii
World number 6
Levels 12
Bosses Boolossus
Larry Koopa
Game Progression
Previous world (5) Freezeflame Glacier/Volcano
(D) Crystal Caves (secret)
Next world (7) Sky Mountain/Starry Skies
(E) Bombard Cliffs (secret)

Pumpkin Boneyard is the sixth world in Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii. It takes place in a big orange haunted land filled with pumpkins and Boos.

Its tower and castle boss is Boolossus and its airship boss is Larry Koopa.


Pumpkin Boneyard is an orange-grassed pumpkin- and Boo-filled land with purple dead trees and several graves and Ghost Houses. Levels Glowlit Manor to Cawcaw Treeway take place in a dead forest with blue ground. It is south of Freezeflame Glacier and is overlooked by Sky Mountain.

Pumpkin Boneyard can be accessed through completing Snowdrift Airship in Freezeflame Glacier or through completing Toxic Fortress or Carapace Catacomb in Crystal Caves. Completion of Shipwreck Galleon grants access to Shy Guy Peaks in Sky Mountain. Completion of Buried Boneyard grants access to Bombshell Bridge in Bombard Cliffs.


Level number Level name Preview Description
6-1 Bonechill Shaft BonechillShaft.png An ice-cold cavern filled with Boos that serves as a transition from the snowy Freezeflame Glacier to the spooky Pumpkin Boneyard.
6-2 Pumpkin Road PumpkinRoad.png A pumpkin patch full of pumpkins and Pumpkin Bramballs.
6-3 Fog Cemetery FogCemetery.png A graveyard filled with lots of Dry Bones and Boos.
6-A Colossus House ColossusHouse.png A Ghost House that's home to many Boos, Broozers, and several of their tricks!
6-Towernsmbw.png Spookloft Tower SpookloftTower.png A tower where the player must avoid being crushed on a forever-ascending lift. Boolossus is fought at the top.
6-4 Glowlit Manor GlowlitManor.png A complex Ghost House with three sections that the player has to complete to escape.
6-5 Moonlit Woods MoonlitWoods.png A spooky poison water-filled land that inhabits the Mad Moon.
6-6 Cawcaw Treeway CawcawTreeway.png A field that marks the Crowbers' first and only appearance.
6-7 Drenched Gloomlake DrenchedGloomlake.png An extremely dark lake featuring many Fish Bones and Jellybeams.
6-8 Buried Boneyard BuriedBoneyard.png An underground cavern filled with Broozers and Boos. Completing this level unlocks Bombard Cliffs.
6-Castlensmbw2.png Delusion Castle DelusionCastle.png A haunted castle where the player must jump across platforms that disappear and reappear at specific intervals. Boolossus is fought for the final time here.
6-Airship2.png Shipwreck Galleon ShipwreckGalleon.png A sunken airship where your visibility is lowered when underwater. Larry Koopa is fought here.

Other Buildings

Level number Level name Preview Description
6-Store.png Haunted Emporium Placeholer image.jpg The Shop of Pumpkin Boneyard. It is accessible after completing Colossus House.
6-Challengicon.png Challenge House E Placeholer image.jpg The Challenge House of Pumpkin Boneyard. It is accessible after completing Colossus House.
6-Musichouse.png Haunted Music House Placeholer image.jpg The Music House of Pumpkin Boneyard. It is accessible after completing Drenched Gloomlake.