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Pumpkin Thornhill
Game Newer Super Mario Bros. DS
Level number 4-1
Time 300
World Pumpkin Boneyard
Level type Boneyard
Enemies Big Dry Bones
Big Splunkins
Dry Bones
Game Progression
Previous level (3-Final.png) Overgrown Armoury
(1-Cannon.png) World 1-Cannon.png
Next level (4-2) Broozer Sward
(4-Towernsmb2.png) Spiritful Steeple (secret)

Pumpkin Thornhill (or World 4-1) is the first level of Pumpkin Boneyard in Newer Super Mario Bros. DS.

Pumpkin Thornhill is unlocked by completing Overgrown Armoury in Dorrie's Island or World 1-Cannon.png in Goldleaf Plains. Completing its normal exit will unlock Broozer Sward, and completing its secret exit will unlock Spiritful Steeple.

Star Coins

Star Coin 1: After running for a bit, you will come across some Rotating Spiked ? Blocks with the Star Coin on top. Platform across these (on the non-spiked side, obviously) and collect the Star Coin. Star Coin 2: You need to be Super Mario or above to get this Star Coin. Before the checkpoint, you will find a row of Brick Blocks blocking access to a yellow pipe. Ground-pound to break these blocks, then platform across the Rotating Spiked ? Blocks to collect this coin.

Star Coin 3: Near the end of the stage, you will find a Super Star in a ? Block. Collect it, book it to the right, then run across the spikes and jump to reach the final Star Coin.


Secret Exit

Immediately at the start of the level, the player must run left. There, they'll find a Warp Pipe leading to the secret Goal Pole.


Grimoire Grounds' old preview screen.

  • From versions 1.00 to 1.07, this level and Grimoire Grounds (known as Springy Spiritland at the time) had the same level preview image due to an oversight. This was corrected in version 1.10.