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Pyro and Cryo
Fire & Ice Back.png
Game(s) Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii
Newer SMBWii Plus
Appearances (Wii) Crystalfrost Tower
(Wii) Chillsear Castle
Related enemy Podoboo

Pyro and Cryo are the tower and castle bosses of Freezeflame Glacier in Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii. They're a duo of elemental Podoboos.

Pyro and Cryo are fought in Crystalfrost Tower and Chillsear Castle.


Pyro and Cryo are large bubbles with black eyes akin to Podoboos. Pyro is comprised of lava, having an orange body with a yellow glow, while Cryo is comprised of ice, having a blue body with a cyan glow.


As the player enters the arena, they'll encounter two small Podoboo-like bubbles on either side of the arena—the left one, Pyro, resides in a pool of lava while the right one, Cryo, resides in a pool of water. Kamek soon arrives to enlarge the two bubbles and commence the fight. As he leaves, he drops a hatching Yoshi egg for the player's use.

Pyro and Cryo will continuously jump out of their pools and shoot fireballs and iceballs respectively towards the middle of the arena. Cryo always attacks first, with Pyro closely attacking after she attacks. Before either gets hit, they will keep shooting their respective projectiles one after the other, never at the same time. Pyro also shoots his projectiles diagonally downward, while Cryo shoots hers in an arc.

Pyro is only damaged by iceballs while Cryo is only damaged by fireballs. The main way to hurt the two is by using Yoshi to eat one of the bubbles' projectiles and shoot it at the other (for example, swallowing one of Pyro's fireballs and launching it at Cryo). Hitting either of the bubbles thrice using this method will end the battle. If the player has a Fire Flower, Ice Flower, or Penguin Suit equipped, they can also use their own fireballs and iceballs to damage Pyro and Cryo. Player-made projectiles will do half as much damage as Pyro- and Cryo-made ones, meaning the player would have to hit either bubble six times to defeat them.

No matter the source of damage, when a bubble is hurt, they will briefly become stunned, floating in place before launching three of their respective projectiles. During this stun, they will also shrink according to how much health they have left—shrinking less on player-made projectiles.

Once either Pyro or Cryo are defeated, the bubble left will flee, ending the battle.

The floor is slippery in the castle fight.


  • One should not try to go for both bubbles, as only one must be defeated to end the fight. Not prioritizing one bubble will result in a longer fight and a higher chance of powerup loss or death.
    • While the player can technically go for either Pyro or Cryo, it is highly recommended to go for Cryo. Not only is it easier to catch Pyro's fireballs with Yoshi, but it is also easier to dodge Cryo's triple iceballs considering they disappear once they touch the ground.
  • Using Yoshi as an extra hit can help the player in keeping their desired powerup if they are deciding to damage the bubbles using their own projectiles. Do note that the player cannot shoot their own projectiles while on Yoshi, so this is only a situational tip if things become dire.