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Rainshed Pond
Game Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii
Level number 1-6
Time 550
World Yoshi's Island
Level type Underwater
Enemies Big Urchins
Cheep Cheeps
Deep Cheeps
Eep Cheeps
Koopa Paratroopas (G & R)
Piranha Plants
River Piranha Plants
Venus Fire Traps
Game Progression
Previous level (1-5) Fuzzy Canyon
Next level (1-7) Tangle Temple
(1-8) Switch Shift Grove
(A-1) Autumn Plateau (secret)
A giant pool of rainwater. Rumours say there's a big secret in it somewhere - can you find it?
~ The official Newer website.

Rainshed Pond (or World 1-6) is the seventh level of Yoshi's Island in Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii. It takes place in an underwater pond full of Cheep Cheeps.

Rainshed Pond is unlocked by completing Timber Tower. Completing its normal exit will unlock Tangle Temple and Switch Shift Grove, and completing its secret exit will unlock Autumn Plateau in Goldwood Forest. Although it is the first level to feature a secret exit, it can only be completed after activating Yellow Switch Palace from the secret exit of Switch Shift Grove.


Star Coins

  • Star Coin 1: Near the start, this Star Coin will be hidden behind some Seaweed to the right of three upward Warp Pipes.
  • Star Coin 2: After the checkpoint, there'll be a gap in the ceiling marked by three coins. Get up this gap, and you'll find yourself in a room with several River Piranha Plants. At the end of this room, the Star Coin will be in plain sight, though you must carefully get it since three River Piranha Plants dwell below. Either freeze the River Piranha Plants with an Ice Flower or Penguin Suit, or carefully wall jump when their spiked balls are low.
  • Star Coin 3: You'll have to be quick to get this Star Coin (unless you have activated the Yellow Switch). The first Clampy in the level will fall, and block off the Warp Pipe that gives access to this Star Coin. It's recommended to use the provided Penguin Suit to get into the Warp Pipe.

Secret Exit

This level features a secret exit, which'll lead you to Goldwood Forest. The Yellow Switch needs to be activated in order to get it. At the very start, there's a hidden alcove in the right wall. Jump from the Warp Pipe to hit an Invisible Block, which'll allow you to enter the alcove. Keep going right until you reach the green Warp Pipe, which is only available when you have activated the Yellow Switch. This'll lead you to an entirely new area, acting kind of like an alternative level. At the end of this secret area, there'll be the secret exit.


Normal Exit Secret Exit

Newer Super Mario Bros Wii World 1-6 Rainshed Pond Star Coins


Newer Super Mario Bros Wii World 1-6 Rainshed Pond Secret Exit


  • The name 'Rainshed Pond' was actually called 'Pool of Rain' until it was changed for an unknown reason.


Name Music Origin Area played
Forest Original song. Overworld areas
Underwater Original song. Main area
Underground Underground theme from Super Mario Bros. Underground bonus areas