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Ricky Wrench
Ricky wrench -1.jpg
Game(s) Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii
Newer SMBWii Plus
Appearances (Wii) Burnblaze Tower
(Wii) Moltenwire Castle
Related enemy Rocky Wrench

Ricky Wrench (also known as Giant Rocky Wrench, and referred to as Rocky Balboa[1] during development, presumably as a joke.) is the tower and castle boss of Mushroom Peaks in Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii. He is a large Rocky Wrench.

Ricky Wrench is fought in Burnblaze Tower and Moltenwire Castle.


Ricky Wrench looks identical to a Rocky Wrench aside from his size. He is a light brown white-bellied mole with black claw-like fingers and white whiskered cheeks. He has a tiny black nose and one white tooth sticking out of his mouth. He wears black glasses with light blue rims held up by a brown strap. He wears a manhole-like circle of black metal on his head like a hat, which gains a white-tipped brown spike when he's angry.


As the player enters the arena, they'll encounter a regular Rocky Wrench standing on the ground. Kamek soon swoops in, using his magic to enlarge the Rocky Wrench, transforming it into Ricky Wrench.

Ricky Wrench will immediately descend into the ground before peeking out of one of three spots on and beside the little stand in the middle of the arena. After peeking, he will then begin throwing five wrenches in random arcs in the player's direction. If the player fails to hit Ricky Wrench in this time, he will descend again into the ground.

The only way to damage Ricky Wrench is by ground pounding on his lid as he is out of the ground. Simple stomps won't do any damage. He must be ground pounded on thrice in order to defeat him and end the battle.

Ricky Wrench throwing wrenches during his damaged phase.

Every time Ricky Wrench is hit, he will retreat underground before appearing on the little stand in the middle of the arena with a large spike on his head, disallowing the player to hurt him. He will then proceed to throw several wrenches all across the arena in a sort of spinning pattern. After he is done throwing, he will descend into the ground again.

Once Ricky Wrench is defeated, he will shrink before disappearing, ending the battle.

There are a few differences between Ricky Wrench's tower and castle fights mainly focusing on his wrenches. In his castle fight, Ricky Wrench throws larger wrenches which explode on contact with the ground. He also throws many more during his damaged phase, throwing seventeen before descending compared to his tower fight's thirteen. The arenas are also slightly different, with the semisolid platforms being a bit smaller in his castle fight.


  • The player shouldn't wait to strike. Once they see that Ricky Wrench has popped out, they should immediately go and ground pound.
  • While Ricky Wrench is in his damaged phase and throwing wrenches everywhere, standing in any corner is often a safe bet due to the protection of the semisolid platforms. Crouch to minimize the chance of getting hit.