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Rubble Ruins
Newer Super Mario Bros

Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii - Rubble Ruins (Complete World 2)

Game(s) Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii
World number 2
Levels 9
Bosses King Thwomp
Roy Koopa
Joined World Soggy Sewers
Game Progression
Previous world (1) Yoshi's Island
(A) Goldwood Forest (secret)
Next world (3) Mushroom Peaks
(B) Mini-Mega Island (secret)
After a trek through the Mushroom Kingdom's finest sewer system, you'll arrive bang in the middle of the sweltering desert. Take shelter from Angry Sun and hope for the best!
~ The official Newer website.

Rubble Ruins contains the main section of the second world in Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii, with the rest of World 2 being in Soggy Sewers. It is a standard desert-themed world.

Its castle boss is King Thwomp and its airship boss is Roy Koopa.


Rubble Ruins is a bright yellow sandy desert filled with several palm trees, barrels, sand blocks, and cacti. The desert starts out close to the water, but after passing Soggy Sewers the player will end up on much higher piece of land. Under this higher land is Soggy Sewers. To the north of this section of land is a massive pyramid, with a small cave to the left of it.

Rubble Ruins can be accessed through completing Derelict Airship in Yoshi's Island or through Soggy Sewers via Leafpile Fortress in Goldwood Forest. Completion of Sandship grants access to Chomproller Heights in Mushroom Peaks. Completion of the secret exit of Pillar Pass grants access to Mighty Meadow in Mini-Mega Island.


Level number Level name Preview Description
2-1 Cactus Cove CactusCove This level serves as an introduction to the desert-themed world.
(Levels 2-2 through 2-Towernsmbw are in Soggy Sewers)
2-5 Barrelband Wilds BarrelbandWilds A desert full of Pokeys and Spikes.
2-6 Urchin Seasands UrchinSeasands A sandy oasis filled with Urchins.
2-7 Windworn Dunes WindwornDunes A windier area of Rubble Ruins.
2-8 Searing Sands SearingSands Watch out! The Angry Sun is lurking around this level, following Mario's every move and ready to make his day a bit hotter...
2-9 Pillar Pass PillarPass An area filled with pillars, Boomerang Bros. and Fire Bros. This level has a secret exit that leads to Mini-Mega Island.
2-A Fossil Tunnel FossilTunnel A handy hidden shortcut from Barrelband Wilds which cuts through a nearby cave and goes straight to Pyramid Castle.
2-Castlensmbw2 Pyramid Castle PyramidCastle A pyramid full of statues of Bowser's minions. Certainly nothing creepy about that. What if they came alive? That couldn't happen... or could it?
2-Airship2 Sandship Sandship2 This airship hovers over the dusty desert of Rubble Ruins. Roy Koopa awaits at the end of the level.

Other Buildings

Level number Level name Preview Description
2-Store Dusty Drugstore Dustydrug The Shop of World 2. It is accessible after completing Cactus Cove.
2-Musichouse Desert Music House Desertmusic The Music House of World 2. It is accessible after completing Windworn Dunes or Pillar Pass.
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