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Game(s) Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii
Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii Plus
Appearances (Wii) Blossom Tower
(Wii) Samurai Castle
Related enemy Shy Guy

The Samurshai[1] (also known as Samurai Guy, or Samurguy) is the tower and castle boss of Sakura Village in Newer Super Mario Bros Wii. He's a Shy Guy skilled in the art of the blade.

The Samurshai is fought in Blossom Tower and Samurai Castle.


The Samurshai resembles a red Shy Guy with a few accessories. He's a small humanoid being wearing a red robe and a brown belt. He has purple shoes and a three-holed white mask being held up by a brown strap. In addition to that, he is wearing a yellow-rimmed black samurai helmet with a red headband and is holding a light grey katana with a yellow handle.


As the player enters the arena, they'll encounter Kamek swooping down alone, seemingly challenging them to a battle before being interrupted by the slashing Samurshai, defeating him. After the Samurshai lands, he readies up his katana, starting the battle.

The Samurshai will simply run around the arena floor, turning as he hits its sides. If the player comes close or jumps over him, he will do a jump and slash in the direction he's running in, halting for a bit as he lands before running with his sword.

To hurt the Samurshai, the player must jump on his head. This must be done thrice in order to defeat him and end his battle.

Every time the Samurshai is hit, he will become stunned for a bit before running around faster with his katana upward in the air, blocking incoming stomps. He will eventually do a jump and slash, returning back to normal running.

Once the Samurshai is defeated, he will fall over, defeated, ending the battle.


  • No matter where the player initiated his jump and slash, the Samurshai will always aim in his current direction. This means if the player goes behind him or jumps from behind and retreats, they're less likely of being hit by his slash, allowing the player to easily stomp the Samurshai's head as he halts.


  • When the Samurshai slashes Kamek in his fight's opening, 100 points are gained.