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Seaside Boo House
Screenshot (94).png
Game Newer: Falling Leaf
Level number 1-A
Time 500
World Everbrown Woods
Level type Ghost House
Enemies Big Boo Buddies
Dry Bones
Obake Blocks
Obake Stands
Game Progression
Previous level (1-3) Crystalswing Cave (secret)
Next level (1-5) Hallow's End

Seaside Boo House (or World 1-A) is the only alternate level of Everbrown Woods in Newer: Falling Leaf. It's a Ghost House featuring many Big Boo Buddies.

Seaside Boo House is unlocked by completing the secret exit of Crystalswing Cave. Completing it will unlock Hallow's End.


Name Music Origin Area played
Ghost House
Ghostly Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy. Main area
Forever Forest from Paper Mario. Exit area