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Shy Guy
Shyguy MP9.png
Game(s) Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii
Newer SMBWii Plus
Newer Super Mario Bros. DS
First appearance (Wii) Bamboo Steppes
(DS) Lavender Skybridge
Final appearance (Wii) Beanstalk Ascent
(DS) Spiny Swings
Related enemies Balloon Guy
Big Shy Guy
Bounce Guy
Mega Shy Guy
Spike Guy

Shy Guys are uncommon enemies seen throughout the Newer Super Mario Bros. series. They are masked beings that simply stroll.


Shy Guys are small humanoid beings wearing a red (sometimes blue) robe and a brown belt. They have purple shoes and a three-holed white mask being held up by a brown strap. In Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii, they skip as they walk.


Shy Guys slowly walk left and right, turning at walls. They can come in two different colors: red and blue (although in Newer Super Mario Bros. DS, they only come in red). Red Shy Guys fall of ledges while blue Shy Guys turn.

In Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii, Shy Guys enter a stunned phase when stomped where they will stop walking and sit for a few seconds before standing back up. If the player stomps on them again, they get defeated. In Newer Super Mario Bros. DS, Shy Guys simply get defeated by one stomp.

Shy Guys can be defeated by Fire Flowers' fireballs, Ice Flowers and Penguin Suits' iceballs, Hammer Suits' hammers, Super Stars, and Mega Mushrooms.