Newer Super Mario Bros. Wiki
Game(s) Newer Super Mario Bros. DS
First appearance (DS) Snailicorn Grove
Final appearance (DS) Shape Zone
Related enemies Mega Snailicorn

Snailicorns are uncommon enemies found throughout Newer Super Mario Bros. DS. They're snail-like creatures mainly appearing within Lunar Realm.


Snailicorns are dull yellow creatures within brown shiny snail shells. They have noticeable darker yellow lips, red angry eyes, a white horn protruding out their foreheads akin to unicorns, and a pair of blue-green shoes


Snailicorns walk left and right on the ground, turning at ledges. Once spotting the player in their horizontal view, they will begin to charge in their direction, stopping on contact or when passing by the player. Most contact damages the player and temporarily stuns the Snailicorn before they get back up again, though when stomped (ground pounded for extra power), Snailicorns will be pushed away while stunned, leaving the player unscathed. This can be used to push Snailicorns off ledges and into pits, their most reliable defeat method as they are immune to fireballs from a Fire Flower. Snailicorns can be defeated, however, by hammers from a Hammer Suit and players under the effects of a Super Star or Mega Mushroom.