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Snow Pokey / Snowkey
Game(s) Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii
First appearance (Wii) Frosty Highlands
Final appearance
Related enemies Pokey
Ice Pokey

Snow Pokey / Snowkeys are enemies which appear in Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii.


Snowkeys are a large snowman with segments of pure white snow balls getting darker going down the body as it soon reaches the head and the small blue bucket hat. Each segment either has 1/2 snow buttons which also get smaller going up until reaching the face which has two dark button eyes with a faint unamused expression on it's face. Sometime around the Snow Pokey is transparent white puffs can be seen floating next to or on top of the segments. Snowkeys come in many sizes from 2-3 up to 7-8 segments per Snow Pokey.


Snow Pokeys act very similar too Pokeys in which they'll move around the ground but won't fall off what they're moving on and their segments can be knocked away using ice blocks and koopa shells


  • Using an ice block or a koopa shell and throwing it thought the segments can break a few off which makes the snowkey look unrealistic and unbalanced (example here)
  • The name "Snow Pokey" was later used for an official enemy in the Mario series, introduced in Super Mario 3D Land.