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Game(s) Newer Super Mario Bros. DS
Appearances (DS) Freezeflame Fortress
Related enemy Ice Pokey

Snowipokey is the castle boss of Moonview Glacier in Newer Super Mario Bros. DS. It is a reskinned snowier version of Mummipokey from the original New Super Mario Bros..

Snowipokey is only fought in Freezeflame Fortress.


Snowipokey is composed of four white snowballs with blue ice spikes protruding out of them. It has as a snowy head sporting a light purple jaw with a purple tongue. A black crevice over its jaw contains two bright blue eyes.


As the player enters the arena, Bowser Jr. is seen laughing and leaping away. Soon after, Snowipokey arises from the ground below, initiating the fight.

Snowipokey will shuffle slowly where it rose, shooting snowballs at the player. It will occasionally descend back into the ground, rising back up in another spot (choreographed by snow shuffling where it will be) at one of three height levels. Its smallest height level, being about one and a half body segments tall, descends quicker and doesn't shoot any snowballs. Its middle height level, being about three body segments tall, and its tallest height level, being about four and a half body segments tall, act identically.

The main way of dealing damage to Snowipokey is to jump on its head. At its middle height level, the player will simply need to jump towards Snowipokey to land on its head, though at its tallest height level, the player will need to wall jump off the nearest wall. The player must land on Snowpokey's head thrice in order to defeat it and end the battle. Ground pounds against its head deal twice the amount of damage, reducing the amount of strikes to defeat to two. Snowipokey can also be damaged by Fire Flowers' fireballs to any part of its body and can be instantly defeated by a Mega Mushroom.

When Snowipokey's head is jumped on or ground pounded, it will instantly descend, rising back up to continue the fight.

Once Snowipokey has been defeated, it will fall over, turning into a Boss Key to unlock the room to the right. There, Bowser Jr. will be waiting with Princess Peach, and will run off with her in his hands as the player follows him to Cirrus Heavens.


  • To ensure easy hits, the player can jump over where Snowipokey will rise before it rises to make it automatically go under the player and stomp itself. This strategy can even easily hit Snowipokey's smallest height level as it cannot descend fast enough.
  • If the player wishes to use Fire Flowers' fireballs to defeat Snowipokey, standing closer to it will allow them to shoot more fireballs in succession as the fireballs are despawning quicker and allowing the player to shoot more of them faster.