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This article is about the ninth and final world of Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii. Not be confused with an unused version with the same name.
Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii
Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii Plus
Special World
Game Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii
World number 9
Levels 10
Bosses None
Game Progression
Previous world (8) Koopa Planet/Core (?)
Next world None

Special World (also known as Bonus Land) is the ninth and final world in Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii. It is a mishmash of themes only unlocked if the player has completed Bowser's Keep and collected all 354 prior Star Coins.

Special World has no bosses.


Special World itself is portrayed as a circle of ten blank Newer logos, color-coded according to the rainbow with some exceptions, all around a Newer logo in the middle. It is set in a green checkered seemingly alternate dimension accessed only through a Newer-themed futuristic teleporter. The levels themselves, however, are several different themes corresponding with their color on the world map.

Special World can only be accessed through completing Bowser's Keep in Koopa Core and having collected all 354 prior Star Coins, which will unlock a pathway from Yoshi's Island. Completion of Black Clappers grants access to a shortcut to Red Lava, leading nowhere new and signaling the ending of the game.


Level number Level name Preview Description
9-1 Red Lava RedLava.png A cavern full of red-hot lava and floating Water Bubbles.
9-2 Brown Forest BrownForest.png An autumn forest filled with several big enemies.
9-3 Orange Prairie OrangePrairie.png A dark desert with Volcanic Debris falling from erupting volcanoes.
9-4 Yellow Beach YellowBeach.png A dangerous beach with two Porcupuffers.
9-5 Mossdeep Greens MossdeepGreens.png A deep, mushy, Wiggler-filled forest.
9-6 Blue Chilldesert BlueChilldesert.png A snowy desert at night, featuring large Warp Pipes as the main gimmick.
9-7 Navyblue Molemine NavyblueMolemine.png A dark blue cave featuring Mega Monty Moles.
9-8 Purple Sewer PurpleSewer.png An underground sewer with purple Crystal Blocks and poison water.
9-9 Grey Mountains GreyMountains.png A level in the snowy mountains featuring the Angry Sun and Mad Moon side-by-side, causing several geographical catastrophes and whatnot.
9-10 Black Clappers BlackClappers.png A dark wasteland abundantly filled with Munchers. The player must constantly get Super Stars to pass through safely.


  • This world was meant to contain an unused shop called "Special Shop".