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This article is about an unused version of a ninth or tenth world of Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii. Not be confused with the implemented ninth world, Special World.
This article contains unused content.
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Special World (unused world)
Newer_Super_Mario_Bros_Wii_Part_37_-_Special_World_Part_1 Newer_Super_Mario_Bros_Wii_Part_38_-_Special_World_Part_2
Game Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii
World number F (unofficial)
Levels 9
Bosses None
Game Progression
Previous world None
Next world None

The unused Special World, unofficially numbered World F, is an unused world that was intended to be in Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii, but ended up being cut, supposedly due to time constraints and the impending release of the project. It heavily resembles Special Zone from Super Mario World.

Unlike Cutland, another unused world, the unused Special World has actual levels to go with it, albeit being incomplete. As these levels were unused, they lack names. This unused world is given world letter F by user mariomasters1.

As suggested by the unfinished secret exits in these levels, it is possible that these levels would require secret exits to progress through the world, as the game files show that these levels, including inaccessible ones, such as the one in 09-18.arc.LH, have a secret exit.


This world contains 9 levels, not including one unfinished level. In the game files, the level filenames begin with "09" followed by a two-digit number from 11 to 22 (except for 15, 20, and 21). There is an additional tenth level, under the file "09-25.arc.LH", however, it simply contains the words "NOT MADE YET" spelled out in coins with a few remnants of 09-22.

Level Preview Description
BRICKS WILL BREAK (09-11.arc.LH) SPWORLD1.png A level taking place in a cavern filled with Brick Blocks that can be destroyed by nearby ? Switches. In the second half, a giant spiky ball will chase after you to try to get you to fall into the lava pool below.
WALLJUMPS WILL WORK (09-12.arc.LH) SPWORLD2.png An athletic level taking place in between hills containing many Koopa Paratroopas and hidden areas.
CLOUDS WILL BOUNCE (09-13.arc.LH) SPWORLD3.png An athletic level taking place mostly on bouncing clouds featuring big Goombas, Fuzzies on tracks, and sad nimbus clouds.
KING BILLS WILL FLY (09-14.arc.LH) SPWORLD4.png A sky city level taking place in an area with many moving platforms on tracks, rotating blocks, Banzai bills, and pipes.


SPWORLD5.png A mountain level taking place by a lake, with monty moles and walls to climb on.
ENEMIES WILL VARY (09-17.arc.LH) SPWORLD6.png A forest level containing Hammer and Boomerang Brothers, Big and small Goombas, and other plant enemies.
THWOMPS WILL STOMP (09-18.arc.LH) SPWORLD7.png A Pyramid level taking place in underground ruins, with Thwomps and Bob-ombs.
BOMBS WILL BLOW UP (09-19.arc.LH) SPWORLD8.png An athletic beach level taking place on yellow bricks with Bob-ombs.
ITEMS WON'T APPEAR (09-22.arc.LH) SPWORLD9.png A huge jungle level taking place both above ground and in the ground, with many poisonous lakes, fire piranha plants, and pipes.


  • If these levels required you to complete its secret exit to progress through the game, it would have been a reference to Star World from Super Mario World.
  • According to Skawo in his developer commentary, World F was meant to showcase unfinished and unused levels but was cut due to it possibly lowering the game’s reputation. This explains why most of the levels here appear unfinished and plain.
  • According to Skawo's developer commentary, this world was meant to be accessed by completing the inaccessible secret exits in Special World.