This article is about an unused version of a ninth or tenth world of Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii. Not be confused with the implemented ninth world, Special World.

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Special World (unused world)
Newer Super Mario Bros Wii Part 37 - Special World Part 1

Newer Super Mario Bros Wii Part 37 - Special World Part 1

Newer Super Mario Bros Wii Part 38 - Special World Part 2

Newer Super Mario Bros Wii Part 38 - Special World Part 2

Game(s) Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii
World number F (unofficial)
Levels 9
Bosses None
Game Progression
Previous world None
Next world None

Special World (called World F by fans) is an unused world greatly resembling Super Mario World's Special Zone that was intended to be in Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii, but ended up being cut, supposedly due to time constraints and the impending release of the project. Unlike Cutland, the other unused world, there are actually levels that go with this world, but were also unused. As these levels were unused, they lack names. These unused levels were released by user mariomasters1, renaming all the levels and giving the world number the letter F.

As suggested by the unfinished secret exits in these levels, it is possible that these levels would require secret exits to progress through the world, as the game files show that these levels (including inaccessible ones, such as the one in Gnarly Granitemine) have a secret exit.


This world contains 9 levels, not including one unfinished level.

Level number Level name Preview Description
F-1 Gnarly Granitemine Placeholer image
F-2 Radical Plateau Placeholer image
F-3 Spectacular Cumulus Placeholer image
F-4 Fantastic Mountaintop Placeholer image
F-5 Outrageous Park Placeholer image
F-6 Amazing Wetruins Placeholer image
F-7 Crazy Bang Bang Bridge Placeholer image
F-8 Name Unknown Placeholer image
F-9 Name Unknown Placeholer image


  • If these levels required you to complete its secret exit to progress through the game, it would have been a reference to Super Mario World’s Star World.
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