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Star Coin Sign
Game(s) Newer Super Mario Bros. DS
Type Miscellaneous
Function Blocks Toad Houses and alternate levels behind Star Coins
Related objects Star Coin
First apearance (DS) Goldleaf Plains
Final appearance (DS) Koopa Country

Star Coin Signs are special miscellaneous objects found throughout the world map in Newer Super Mario Bros. DS. They block access to certain areas until the player pays up with their Star Coins.


Star Coin Signs are brown wooden signs with an uncollected Star Coin and a yellow five imprinted on its front.


Star Coin Signs sit in specific places of the world map, gatekeeping certain Toad Houses and alternate levels. Each can be taken down by paying five Star Coins from the player's total Star Coin count, which cannot be regained and do not affect individual levels' Star Coin collection statuses.

Purchasing every Star Coin Sign, completing all 96 exits, and collecting all 240 Star Coins will unlock Special House beside Everbrown Meadow in Goldleaf Plains.