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Thornspire Doomship
Game Newer Super Mario Bros. DS
Level number 6-Final.png
Time 400
World Lunar Realm
Level type Airship
Enemies Bob-ombs
Hammer Bros. (world map)
Koopa Troopas (Red)
Boss Petey Piranha
Game Progression
Previous level (6-7) Freeleap Galaxy
Next level (8-1) Boomblast Badlands

Thornspire Doomship (or World 6-Final.png) is the airship and the ninth and final level of Lunar Realm in Newer Super Mario Bros. DS. Petey Piranha is fought at its end.

Thornspire Doomship is unlocked by completing Freeleap Galaxy. Completing it will unlock Boomblast Badlands in Koopa Country.

Star Coins

Star Coin 1: During the first portion of the level will be a section with a platform covering a skewer with another exposed at the top. Both skewers will fall/rise at the same time so it’s important to be quick and collect the star coin before they extend again.

Star Coin 2: During the sub-section, after the checkpoint is the 2nd star coin and to collect it get on the rope near the bottom to collect it.

Star Coin 3: At the end of the sub-section will be a sign pointing up, so follow the rope up to a room with the star coin in the centre and 4 coins one each side.