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Thunder Cloud
Game(s) Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii
Newer SMBWii Plus
Newer Super Mario Bros. DS
First appearance (Wii) Thunder Bridge
(DS) Cloudbolt Chasm
Final appearance (Wii) Thunder Bridge
(DS) Stormeye Stronghold
Related enemies Lakithunder

Thunder Clouds are extremely rare enemies found throughout the Newer Super Mario Bros. series. They are literal clouds of lightning heavily based off of the Thunder Cloud item from Mario Kart Wii.


Thunder Clouds are grey nimbus clouds with mad frowns and lightning bolts on their foreheads.


Thunder Clouds have two main behaviors. Thunder Clouds will either glide left and right and eventually strike lightning towards the ground, or stand still and strike lightning in place.

In Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii, when the player is hit by its lightning, they'll turn into their Mini form, similarly to the Mario Kart Wii item its based on. In Newer Super Mario Bros. DS, the lightning simply does damage, as the Newer Team deemed it made more sense. Its lightning also has the ability to break certain blocks.

Thunder Clouds cannot be defeated by fireballs from a Fire Flower or iceballs from an Ice Flower or Penguin Suit. Only frozen enemies and Koopa Troopa shells can defeat them.


Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii

Sakura Village
Level number Level name Count
4-7 Thunder Bridge 5 (+1)

Newer Super Mario Bros. DS

Cirrus Heavens
Level number Level name Count
7-4 Cloudbolt Chasm 0 (+2)
7-Final.png Stormeye Stronghold 9